Brand-Armor+ Anti-Microbial Film

BrandArmor+ Anti-Microbial Film

New matte laminate for printed materials kills Covid virus and germs safely. And we apply it at the same time we print your order.

brightly colored abstract wall art protected by BrandArmor+ anti-microbial film
BrandArmor Antiviral film certification by Bio Science Laboratories

Safety First! Any product we offer can be laminated with this new anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial film certified by Bio Science Laboratories to work against Covid-19. And it maintains its germ-killing ability for years — because it contains ions of silver, a natural nontoxic substance known to scientists and doctors for years to be effective against germs.

  • BrandArmor+ is chemically inert – meaning it can be cleaned with any nonabrasive cleaner or disinfectant without harming the finish.
  • Graffiti resistant, even Sharpie doodles simply wipe off.
  • Colors stay clean, crisp and bright and they do not fade, indoors or outdoors.

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BrandArmor+ can be laminated to a vast variety of surfaces. From wall murals to menus, from hallways to hand rails, and from playrooms to palaces.
Because it adheres to many surfaces, it is ideal for finishing any project you print through Scantech Graphics. Not only do you benefit from the extra safety it gives – but you also protect your investment against any spills, graffiti, or unforeseen permanent ink disasters – all easily wiped away!

Walls near elevators are a natural place for BrandArmor+ anti-microbial film

Waiting for the elevator just became a lot safer.




Sometimes protective films can obscure what they protect – not a worry with BrandArmor+. The laminate is translucent and allows all the glorious colors and details of your artwork to shine through as true as the day they were printed.
The key ingredient, silver particles, are so miniscule that light isn’t blocked, so colors are crisp and clear.

BrandArmor anti-microbial film on many surfaces
Bright colors show through laminate

Safe around Food



BrandArmor+ is FDA approved. Important to know since restaurants are prime customers for protective films.  Diners often sit close to walls, and hands and arms seem to find their way to brush against the surface. One simple install and  your CoVid-19 preparedness upgrades to a higher standard.

Customers can leave at least one worry behind when they step into your business to dine, shop, buy, play or conduct meetings.

Mother and Daughter eat in restaurant with wall protected by BrandArmor+
Safer eating with BrandArmor+ laminate

FDA Compliant Certification
Badge showing BrandArmor Antiviral film certified by Bio Science Laboratories
REACH Compliant Certification
BrandArmor ISO 9001 Certified