500-24 x 36 Full Color Prints in Two Hours!


Our client needed 9 sets of 59- 24 x 36 full-color maps in five hours for a very demanding and high profile client.


There are only a couple machines on the market capable of color printing a project this size in the time needed and of course within budget.   Luckily, Scantech Graphics happens to have one, the Canon CW910.


The CW910 can print full-color drawings at 1’ per second, that’s not a misprint! That’s a full-color 24 x 36 document every 3 seconds!

We were able to deliver the client’s job within three hours and at a price way under what most printers would charge.

Find out how Scantech Graphics’ Canon Colorwave 910 can take you from the black and white into the color world at a surprisingly low cost…