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High Quality Rolled Posters

8mil Gloss Poster

Scantech Graphics’ premium rollable large color posters are perfect for indoor scientific and medical conferences, concerts, promotions, conveying important information or special announcements.
Our Premium 8mil Poster Paper, in Satin or Gloss, is a great value when you need a high quality poster you want to last.

Color: White stock
Print Size: Up to 60″ wide

Foldable Satin Cloth Fabric

Scantech Graphics’ Premium Foldable Fabric is a water, wrinkle and tear resistant satin cloth providing the ultimate in quality and portability. Prints up to 44” wide.
If you are traveling and want to put your poster in a suitcase instead of carrying a tube, this is your solution!

Color: White stock
Print Size: Up to 44″ wide