Acrylic Barriers: Standard and Custom

Acrylic Barriers:
Standard and Custom

Optically clear acrylic dividers for the office and for cashier shields.

Floating acrylic shield protecting office stations

Optically clear acrylic barriers are a quick and economical solution to protecting staff and customers. Access cut out at the bottom with custom cuts is available. Free-standing, hanging, fixed and portable options. Ships flat.

  • Lightweight clear acrylic shields with integrated self-standing supports.
  • Ticket-taker slot at bottom allows interaction with minimal contact.
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Fixed & Portable



Fixed dividers or portable – how do you decide?

Fixed sounds permanent – and it can be. But safety barriers can also be installed with minimal impact on the space they protect. Installation can vary from basic clamps to elaborate metal framework.

Portable dividers have the benefit of lightweight construction making them easier to move where needed on a moment’s notice.

Portable Clear Acrylic 6 foot tall portable panel separating high-top tables

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Hanging dividers provide an elegant and practical solution where desk or countertop space is at a premium.

Also valuable where a divider is needed but there is nowhere to stand it on.

Because they are usually suspended on wires from the ceiling, these are best used indoors where breeze is minimal.


Acrylic Shield suspended from ceiling at bread shop
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Free Standing dividers are perhaps the most affordable and portable of all the standard types we sell.

Supports are designed to easily snap into place at the bottom to provide a sturdy and stable divider.

And when you need to move it, just snap the supports out and it can be easily moved or stored, as it lays flat and compact.

Acrylic Barrier at bakery counter protecting staff member and customer
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