File Preparation

Print-Ready File Formats

Print Ready Files are images that meet our file format guidelines.
All files that are not “print ready” may require prepress manipulation or alteration and may be subject to a graphic design charge.
You will be notified if the file requires adjusting before we do any adjustments ourselves.

Please contact our color department if you have any questions on file setup. With over 20 years of graphic design experience WE CAN HELP!

Accepted file formats


All files should be “At Size” I.E. your 10×20” board request requires a 10×20” file.
Your at size file should be at least 150 dpi and a maximum of 400.

File Preparation

Convert your image to CYMK mode as some RGB colors cannot be printed.
For both categories, please be sure to follow recommended procedures for raster images and vector images.

Vector images: AI, EPS

Raster Images: JPEG, TIFF, PDF

Flatten all transparencies in your files and outline all fonts. If you send a file without fonts outlined, we might not have the font associated with your text and will require the original font installation file. Please flatten your image to 1 layer before sending us the file. “Up-Sizing” low quality images will result in artifacting and a fuzzy or distorted image. We cannot regain lost resolution of a smaller resolution file. The final product will be based on the quality art given.

Vector vs Raster

Small Format

Large Format

Size limitations: Full Bleed – 12×18 and 13×19 with white border. Send your PDF, JPEG, or TIFF with embedded crop marks and an added bleed if a full bleed print is requested. Be sure not to locate important text too close to the crop line (approx. 1/8” at least) 300dpi at print size is recommended. If full bleed is requested, please be sure to add a bleed beyond the size you would like printed. If no bleed is provided, we will add a .1” bleed by blowing up and cropping your file. Most large format prints are printed to a board and then machine cut on a specific cut path. Be sure to add your desired cut path to the file.


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