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Abstract meandering wavy clear lines on frosted privacy window film installed on conference room interior window

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Decorative Privacy Window films – standard or custom designed – are the perfect application for conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, residential settings, private offices, glass partitions, and wherever there is a need for decorative privacy. The applications are endless, adding aesthetic appeal to any and all glass surfaces.

Frosted Windows are an elegant way to let light in while maintaining complete privacy. Physically etching windows is an expensive and irreversible method. Frosted Window Film achieves the same look at a fraction of the cost and can be removed and replaced as needed. It can also be cut into shapes and designs. We also offer custom striping, cutouts, and printing on top of the frosted film (see Rady Children’s Institute image)

Need a Decorative film for a conference room?
You can browse here our large selection that will not only enhance your office but give added privacy.

loosely interwoven wavy lines in oranges and blues printed on opaque white privacy window film
Frosted effect Window Privacy translucent file with Rady Children's institute logo printed in color
Translucent Window cling close-up of wet river rocks being installed on interior office window for Rady Childrens image from Henry Domke

Scantech Graphics can install a wide range of tints or films to save you time and money.
Window film decreases glare. It can even offer daytime privacy without obstructing your view

Promotional Graphics for Retail Windows – Your logo, branding, a colorful ad, seasonal specials – anything printable can be on display for your business. All easy to order and quick to install. Retail Window Graphics are installed inside facing out so they cannot be scratched or defaced by random “artists” who should know better!

Perforated vinyl window film, in particular, has the added benefit of oneway viewing from interiors of buildings or storefront glass while featuring eye-catching graphics outside – perfect for brand building and marketing.

Cloaking Film® by Designtex – Offering complete visual security for sensitive data, Cloaking Film® on interior windows blocks all light coming from monitors while remaining clear everywhere else. This remarkable technology is a MUST for any place where sensitive data can be seen through a window: Conference Rooms, C-Level Suites, HR, Labs, and Government, to name a few.

We print many of our Window Film orders on clear film which allows the image to be seen from both sides of the window. It creates an effect similar to stained glass. This is also an easy way to place intricate drawings, schematics, or other art with many small areas of clear space in them onto a window without trying to apply a cut-out graphic that may feel like trying to tame spaghetti.

Bright red letters printed on window cling in front window of LPA architects
intricate angular geometric pattern in thin white lines printed on clear window film installed on interior office window.
Custom Window Graphics - Lilypad pond close-up printed on translucent window cling with light shining through creating stained glass effect on Conference Room interior windows for Rady Childrens, image from Henry Domke

Cut lettering is an inexpensive yet professional way of branding – whether it’s the business name, branch office, hours of business, etc.

Safety – It isn’t just birds that fly into crystal clear windows. Distracted employees, customers, small children – all can meet that unexpected, unplanned, sudden bang against the glass. You could just slap two broad pieces of blue tape up, but that may not be your decor of choice! Small custom pieces add style and color while prevented that embarrassing collision.

One of the best ways to build awareness for any business is custom graphics on buildings and perforated window films.

Our window film installers provide the experience and professional acumen to help ensure your message sticks in a custom, yet low-cost way

Window Perforation Film on building showing image of bright orange coffee cup, green leaves and bright blue water droplet
Window Clings on restaurant window printed with Aahard by Koon Thai logo and posterized images of thailand landmarks
Vivid violet and yellow Aaharn Thai Food Window Graphic cling

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