Wall Mural Design, Media & Installation

Wall Mural Design, Media & Installation

How to Choose Your Graphic or Image, or Create A Custom Design

Custom Designed Wall Mural for San Diego law group

Probably the most difficult part of creating a wall mural is choosing the right design. The right image will fulfill your vision, but can also be very challenging as mural sizes are usually very large. Custom creative designs give you a one-of-a-kind piece no one else in the world can have!

  • Did you know that the farther away a mural is viewed, the lower resolution its image can have?
  • The best images to enlarge are vectors. Enlarging images to mural size is fraught with challenges – avoid frustration and let our experts help.
  • If purchasing a stock image, we can work with you to make sure your choice will produce the high quality results you expect.

Wall Mural for San Diego Law Group - Large Format

The Gym at 655 West Broadway in San Diego - Wall Art and Branding Project

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Custom Design



Our Custom Design option is the one most often used by our corporate clients.

Wall murals usually are massive files, and a skilled designer knows how to work with large files, incorporating what your vision is. Working with a designer that understands color, position, and what you want to do with your space is crucial for quality one-of-a-kind design results.

For a one-of-a-kind piece you can work with our noted custom design associates to create a memorable design that fits your space and aesthetics.

You may have a general idea in mind, and our associates can make sure the colors, proportions, and design work to create the statement your mural makes about your company’s brand and/or culture.

Or let them come up with their own unique take on your environment, as one of our most successful clients, JLG Law Group did (see image at top of page)

Section of Mural Custom Designed for law group
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Image Selection



There are millions of images you can choose on internet stock photo sites. So, how do you go about selecting one?

Well, we help you by guiding you through the process, ensuring that the image you choose will work. Many “newbie” designers don’t know how to choose images that will produce quality prints. Our in-house design team has decades of experience to ensure your project achieves the best results.

Our design team will also help you choose an image that takes into account the colors that will work in your space, as well as position and how you want to convey your culture.

Award-winning San Diego Photographer Scott Murphy has stunning images available through our store that capture a unique San Diego look and feel. His images are high-resolution and are ready to go for your project.

Want something truly unique? Hire us for a one-of-a-kind custom shot. Or a dramatic drone capture!

Backlit 22 foot long mural of vivid San Diego Sunrise over Downtown and the bay

Media Selection



Scantech Graphics offers many different types of media for wall coverings, including adhesive backed vinyl, fabric, PVC free paper and Type II wallcoverings with various textures and both permanent and removable adhesives.

Media selection is based upon the environment, wall type and visual expectations. Each one has different covering and installation characteristics.

The main difference is installation procedure:

Thinner materials such as adhesive backed vinyl and PVC free paper are installed with an overlap of approximately ½” to ¾”.

Thicker materials, like Type II wallcovering are installed with a “butted seam” or no overlap.

Our staff can help you decide which material works best for your project.

We come to the site where you want the mural installed and take meticulous measurements and notes on all the factors that determine the best choice.

Wall Mural created for City of Menifee featyuring drone shot and hot air balloon
Indoor, Outdoor, Temporary, Permanent, Vinyl, PVC Free Paper – many options.

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Accurate wall measurements are critical, not only in determining your image file-size requirements, but eliminating problems during installation.

Scantech Graphics team will field verify all wall measurements before printing to ensure accurate printing and installation. During field verification, we make sure the wall is properly prepared.

Ideally, the installation of wall murals should take place after all trades have finished. Wall coverings are magnets for dust when the adhesive is exposed, so the site must be free of debris and dust.

Our Scantech Graphics professional installers each have a specialty. We have a team who specializes in adhesive backed vinyl and another specializing in wall coverings to ensure the final step in the process is done right the first time!

Direct print to wood and installation
two-story tall mural installation featuring Michael Jordan