Logo Signs

Your logo is your business identity make sure it reflects who you are.

Scantech Graphics specializes in interior signage and décor, so whether you moved to a new office, remodeled your existing office or rebranded, our experienced fabrication and installation team can make sure your logo is displayed in a  professional eye-catching way.

Our wide variety of materials can be fabricated to fit nearly any budget.

We offer a variety of standard colors but are experts in color matching to corporate colors.

Foam Logos

With foam you can add thickness and dimension to your logo without the added weight, which can be a challenge when hanging.  Our foam can be cut to nearly any shape painted or faced with a variety of materials including metal finishes.

PVC Logos

Foamed PVC can be cut to nearly any shape, painted. face printed or laminated with a variety of finishes, including metal. PVC logo signs can be flush mounted or floated off the wall. PVC comes in several thickness to add dimension to your logo sign.

Acrylic Logos

Acrylic logo signs can be cut to nearly any shape and custom painted.  Clear acrylic can be back printed or painted to give you a truly unique “see through” look. Acrylic logo signs can be flush mounted or “floated” off the wall.  Acrylic is excellent for interior use throughout a building, in entries, offices, conference rooms and for wayfinding.

Our second surface UV printing process ensure your graphics are safe from scratches.

Acrylic wall signs mounted with standoffs can provide a complete wayfinding solution.

Vinyl Logos

Cut vinyl logo signs are a great value to identify your company. Go as big as you like with your corporate message using your exact corporate colors. Our adhesive backed vinyl is the highest quality available designed to last years. Vinyl can be adhered to nearly any surface including drywall, concrete, wood or glass.

Metal Logos

Logo signs made from solid metal are the ultimate in quality. Choose from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper or bronze finishes which can be painted to your exact corporate colors or kept as metal look.

Illuminated/Backlit Logos

If you really want your logo sign to get noticed adding illumination is the answer.

Our LED illuminated logo signs are designed for indoor use and will sure to be an attention grabber!

Scantech Graphics provide installation of all our produced logo signs.   Give one of our logo sign experts a call to start getting your corporate message noticed.