Autumn Ideas: HALLOWEEN

Autumn brings us into the season of Halloween. This holiday has skyrocketed in the past few decades from the “I’ll just hang a cardboard pumpkin with a black cat in the window” to the now “I wonder if my circuit breaker can handle another animatronic Frankenstein.”

How about adding your own original slant, without having to be Martha Stewart?  Draw or find a scary image and have it printed large scale on our outdoor safe Coroplast corrugated printable board – sturdy, inexpensive, and the color lasts and lasts.

Maybe have your family – and even your pets – dress up like ghosts – snap a picture – add a few fun effects in  Photoshop, and you have an original Halloween cutout you can use for years to come.

Or, think 3-D.

How about a mock-up of a haunted house for your front yard? Interlocking panels printed on light Coroplast would make it easy to move from storage in the garage to the yard and setup, and then back into storage again when November arrives. Add a few LED lights and a soundtrack and suddenly you have the scariest – and coolest – house on the block. (Never forget the cache cool carries with teens, and even envious neighbors!)

If you’re hosting a party

A big Halloween banner welcoming guests is a great way to get people into the spirit of the event.

Add some synthetic spider webs, a few ghouls hung here and there from the banner, and you’re playing in the Halloween party major leagues.

If you really want to pull out all the stops, create a horror-themed maze: print ghouls and goblins on rolls of lightweight plastic and build your maze with pvc pipes or even clothesline. A well-placed, motion-triggered animatronic tucked away in a corner of the maze is certain to take the unwitting by surprise – and maybe send them home to change their underwear!

Scantech Graphics, located in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego, has what you need to make it all happen.