Late Autumn brings us into the Thanksgiving season.

How about gathering together all the photos from past Thanksgivings and scanning them into your computer? Then,  you can arrange them into one great big collage in your photo editing program.  Have us print it on our lightweight but durable fabric and you have a family heirloom tablecloth.

You can even have family members sign one of their pictures, or write a short favorite memory on the cloth. Now we’re talking some SERIOUS family heirloom territory!

Or, if this is one of those rare Thanksgivings where everyone is home for dinner, everyone takes snapshots.  Find a favorite one, have us print it on acrylic and everyone can have a photo to mount on the wall as a cherished reminder of the event.

Scantech Graphics. located in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego, can help you get started on memories that last for generations.