HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer

We’re a little like kids at Christmas with the arrival of our new HP PageWide XL 8000 large format printer.  It is promoted as a “game changer” in printing and we believe it. HP claims it is the fastest monochrome and color printer on the market and they have the stats to back it up.

The speed at which this machine can produce 40″ wide prints is nothing short of miraculous. It almost makes you want to think of more things to print just to watch it buzz through them.

So, aside from speed, what else has us jumping up and down?  Well, the machine uses vastly less energy than traditional machines, so it’s not only a savings for us, and a saving for our customers, but also good for the planet.

This new technology has tiny nozzles arrayed across the entire width of the paper (hence the name, PageWide), so the paper moves under the nozzles to get printed. Because the paper moves and the print heads stay stationary, there are fewer expensive parts to wear out. That translates into higher reliability and means we can confidently meet tighter deadlines. This is also what makes it so much faster. Another benefit is that it makes the printer incredibly accurate.

For our architectural clients this means crisper lines and fine details, and smooth grayscales.

For all our clients the newly formulated ink means better moisture and fade resistance.  That is a big selling point – We don’t have to use more expensive inks and printing processes that might have a bigger impact on the environment and a bigger impact on the wallet.

The clincher? It takes up no more space than the printer it replaces in our shop did. So, we can print faster, better, more accurately, with less expense. The result: we can produce better quality finished products more quickly for our clients.

Yes, we’re like kids at Christmas. It’s been unwrapped, unpackaged, set up – and we don’t even have to worry whether Santa forgot the batteries!


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