Construction Industry Embraces Floor Graphics for Safety

“You…Shall…Not…Pass!” – Floor Graphics: More Practical Than Hiring Gandalf.

A sign on a fence is a great safety precaution – as long as people see it.  With many people traversing sidewalks with their eyes firmly glued to their cell phones, a fence sign is often missed. And for construction companies, this is when you can just feel your insurance premiums getting ready to launch into the asteroid belt.

What we need is a sign that is exactly where everyone’s eyes are looking – down.  To the rescue? Floor graphics. Stickers that stay stuck to sidewalks until you are ready to take them off.  They are made of tough material that can withstand foot traffic and are very affordable.

Look Up!

PCL is just one construction firm in San Diego that has embraced this novel approach full-heartedly.  When busy passersby approach a PCL site, a bright, highly visible sticker says, “Look Up!”

We think this is a great idea, and a needed solution to a problem that didn’t really exist before we were all absorbed into our cell phones. New inventions require new ideas to implement them safely. 

This is a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. Inexpensive, effective, and can save you loads of legal troubles.