Miramar Air Show

When you think Miramar Air Show, you think Blue Angels – high-tech, cutting edge jets flying in mind-blowing formations and sweeping the sky in gravity-defying arcs, loops, dives and rocket blasts.

Do you also think that one of those pilots might be a woman? Captain Katie Higgins joined the elite group in 2014.

How about the fact that the first female to serve in the Marine Corps, Private Opha May Johnson, did so in 1918?

The air show honored 100 years of women in the Marine Corps this year, and ScanTech was proud to have helped by creating massive display pillars out of custom tubes, featuring images of the honorees and biographical facts about their lives and achievements.

How did this all come about?  Well, Miramar found our website and contacted us through it.  Yup, it can be that simple.  You need a solution and chances are pretty high that we have an answer.

They could have gone with traditional posters or banners, but the three-dimensional pillars with 360-degree visibility offered a stand-out option that really grabbed the eye.

And that’s what it comes down to when you’re presenting to a massive public audience – get the information out in a way that honors the subject and still grabs attention.

Once the solution was arrived at we created a clean and streamlined process that easily met the deadline for the show.

Unique challenges like this happen all the time.  Everyone at ScanTech who worked on the project was pretty stoked about participating in something as iconic to San Diego as the air show.

And it all began with a click on the internet.  What epic journey will begin for you with that single click?  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!