Preserve the Best Moments of your Baby in Acrylic!

Are you celebrating the recent birth of a new member to your family? Why not take one of those 1,000 pictures you’ve been taking and turn it into an heirloom ornament? With the photo printed on our high-quality acrylic, you’ll have a museum-quality image that will last you for years to come – and is safe around tiny hands (unlike glass-framed images).

Better yet, why not gather baby photos of all your family members – even grandparents and great grandparents if you happen to have the pictures available – and create a themed Holiday display? Imagine them hanging from a gold-plated wire tree, like a family chandelier! A conversation starter, or a great holiday table centerpiece.

Embellish – Lace and Frames and Booties, Oh, My!

You can leave the acrylic as we finish it for you, or you can add embellishments – a tiny metal frame, lace, tiny baby booties hanging beneath the ornament.  The only limit is your imagination. Acrylic is a material that lends itself readily and easily to all types of crafts.

Or perhaps a different theme: cherished family pictures, or pictures with snow in them from trips and vacations.  In San Diego, snow is a rarity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the feeling of a traditional New England winter in your home.

Make your holiday home uniquely your own – with decorations no one else will ever have!