A|A San Diego Design Awards & Orchids & Onions Award Academy sponsored by Scantech Graphics

In celebration and support of Archtoberfest, Scantech Graphics is proud to be an in-kind sponsor for the 2016 A|A San Diego Annual Design Awards and the 2016 Orchids & Onions Award Ceremony.

About the A|A San Diego Annual Design Awards

The A|A San Diego Annual Design Awards are the ultimate recognition of design achievement for architectural firms in the San Diego region in which innovation and creativity are celebrated and rewarded.

Don’t miss the chance to attend this event. This year’s Design Awards will be hosted at The auditorium at The Scripps Research Institute, on October 27, 2016.

About the 2016 Orchids & Onions Awards Ceremony

Orchids & Onions is an educational and fundraising program of the San Diego Architectural Foundation, dedicated to the education and promotion of urban design and architectural planning in the San Diego area and each year a jury of design professionals is selected to determine the official nominations based heavily on the feedback of the citizens of San Diego.
This year’s event will be hosted in two venues. The reception will be at the Horton Plaza Park and will be followed by the Awards Ceremony at the Spreckels Theatre, on October 13, 2016.