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Summer Ideas: Customized Corn Hole

Posted on Jul 15, 2019

It’s a traditional Summer game – especially popular among campers and RV’ers.  Corn Hole (also known as Bags, Sack Toss or Bean Bag) is a simple beanbag toss game – a hole is cut on one end of a long board raised slightly off the ground on that end.. You try to toss your beanbag into the hole.  Sounds simple – it decidedly is not! For the die-hard competitor, it can be a marathon session.

 Some people use a modified version with three holes cut in a row along the board. Points are awarded based on how far away from the player the hole is.

 When you add colorful graphics as well as company logo and/or slogan, you step up the game to another level.

Many people customize their games by painting them, however, if your artistic skills are not on a par with Da Vinci, you could place graphics on instead.  Perhaps with comically distorted faces so that it looks like the holes are swallowing the bean bags through gapingly large mouths.

 This is yet another in our series of Summer games that can be lent out by your company to community events – enhancing your charitable profile and increasing brand awareness at the same time.

 Summertime and the living is easy – and fun!