Summer Ideas: Printed Hopscotch & Snail Games


This is obviously a good one for the kids, but can prove a fun challenge for the adults. You can imagine the laughter when the CEO is hopping on one leg and trying to bend over and maintain his/her balance while picking up the marker.

Print the traditional hopscotch design on our heavy-duty banner material with grommets and you can stake it down to the ground to keep it from moving.  Place your company logo and/or slogan on the design and you have another promotional item you can lend out to community events as well as using it for your own summer company event.

As a family game, this one gives Mom (and maybe Dad) a chance to relive old memories and share an experience with their kids that is part of their kids’ daily life.  Add a company photographer to the mix, and you’ve got lifetime memories being made.


This is a variant on the hopscotch theme where the design is a spiral ending in a center circle, looking a bit like a snail – hence the name.

The spiral is divided into blocks about 12″ square and players hop around it as they would in hopscotch.  When a player successfully hops all the way to the center and back – without touching any of the lines – they can place a marker in any square. Players that come after have to hop over that square.  After several markers are placed it can get to be a real challenge just to make it to the center.

And the kids may beat the adults in this one – even before the adults partake of the beer tent!  After the beer tent, perhaps the adults are better off sticking to Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey.

And this is yet another item that can be branded and lent out to community events – providing free advertising for you and possibly even a tax deduction.

Scantech Graphics, located in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego, has what you need to make it all happen.