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Scantech Graphics Support During Stay At Home Order
With the unprecedented declaration by the Governor to stay at home for the entire state of California, we want to let you know we are still here for you and describe how. Our Printing Services will not be manned, we will try to accept on-demand orders. Click here for details on our on-demand services

First Time Event Come to San Diego From Down Under

Posted on Nov 21, 2017


SuperDataScience is having their first ever conference and needs to make a lasting impression on attendees.


Video conference calls with the Scantech Graphics’ event planning team, conference organizer and graphic designer result in a unique branding of their chosen space, the Sheraton Mission Valley.


Meter Boards | Scantech GraphicsScantech Graphics’ team created a series of floor graphics, easel, and meter boards to guide attendees to meeting places and times. A series of custom printed stacked boxes, 3′ tall hashtag foam letter and a wall wrap provided additional branding of the meeting space.

Client’s comment: “First off, thank you SO MUCH for all the great job you and your team did. We are more than happy with the outcome and willing to provide a review/testimonial so that potential customers could be confident that picking you guys is the right choice when it comes to event signage!” – Paulo Realpe, Operations Analyst at SuperDataScience

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