Digitally Printed Wall Coverings in Record Time


A new restaurant and meeting space in the Torrey Pines area called for artist Matt Forderer to create artwork for digitally printed wall coverings, which he completed and sent to Scantech Graphics for print and install. After waiting several weeks for print approval the client decided to rebrand the space and go in a different direction, end of project! About two months later we received a call from the space designer, Blue Motif Architecture saying the artist has redesigned the graphics and the client wants to go ahead with them, but they have to be printed and installed in less than two weeks.


The latex printed wall covering was a special order, full size proofs had to be done in addition to printing and installing nearly 1,500 square feet of material. Project was completed in 12 days!


Find out how Scantech Graphics’ Digital Wall Printing can enhance brand awareness, allowing maximum impact with new customers and create an experience for your consumers to remember you by.