UCSD Poster Sessions

Key Player

For educational event coordinators who have to coordinate printing of posters and how they are presented.

For college students who present their work of what they learned over the semester in front of judges.


There are two goals:

1st goal: Be able to display multiple student presentation posters in all kinds of different configurations and be able to adapt to different room sizes.

2nd goal: Students need a place they can rely on to print their posters quickly and professionally without the high cost of other vendors like FedEx Office.


The Solution is our one of a kind aluminum framing which allows many different configurations and our ability to print a high quality poster in a limited amount of time on a student’s budget.

ucWe relied on you for printing over 100 posters and setting up for a large symposium, all at short notice and at very reasonable cost. The process was smooth and Kris was incredibly helpful and communicative. I’m looking forward to future joint projects.


slide1The benefit to using Scantech Graphics for printing is less stress and time and money saved. Most of the event coordinators do not have the time to manage all of the student’s posters. By using our one of a kind link that is customized particularly for an event it will take all of the headaches away. With a few short clicks everything can be done directly on our site. We will even deliver the posters to the event.

The Result is a custom configuration only Scantech Graphics can provide. Not only does it save space, but looks professional when all of the boards are in place.

Scantech Graphics can help take the pressure off for your next event