Visually Communicating a Brand – San Diego Regional EDC


The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was looking to creatively integrate their brand message throughout their newly corporate headquarters and portray a message that would communicate their collaboration with major communities located throughout San Diego County.

The EDC enlisted McCulley Design Lab to design their environmental graphics and Scantech Graphics was brought on by McCulley Design Lab. Scantech Graphics handled the print production and graphic fabrication in addition consult on material and installation choices that would accomplish the vision and match the budget.



Create a multiphase approach starting with inspirational wall mural installed in the employee breakroom. This was followed up with custom printed and cut lettering installed in the company conference room stating mission statement; regionally focused globally competitive.

Next phase put the emphasis on the focal point of the motif a large glass enclosed conference room. The decision was made after conducting testing to use a optically clear vinyl with optically clear laminate wet applied to first surface of glass followed by matte white glass film applied 2nd surface.

This gave the map the vibrancy and readability the client was looking for by diffusing the amount of ambient lighting coming thru conference room. Additionally by adding glass film on the inside it gave the conference room the subtle hint of privacy and the client loved it.

To finish up the motif we installed custom dimensional lettering in the reception area with a custom printed acrylic sheet overlaid on top. This showcased the county and communities being served by the EDC.

Client's Input

The vision McCulley Design Lab developed for the environmental graphics for the newly remodeled San Diego Regional EDC headquarters was born out of a collaborative work session we conducted with the EDC team. It was important to them that their new space conveys their innovative brand culture, their focus, and their collaboration with the many regions of San Diego and beyond. They wanted to tell their story in a playful, yet meaningful way.  In approaching the design, we chose to tell their story in the most visually compelling way possible.  It was critical to us that the final design would surprise and delight all that set foot into the EDC offices and would also be a point of pride for the EDC team.