Stock and custom-printed floor graphics

Stock and custom-printed floor graphics

Durable floor signs for social distancing, way finding and promotion.

floor graphics printed stock

Stock and custom-printed floor graphics are used as visual guides to locations and social distancing. They are an excellent medium for promotional advertising.  Available in almost any size and shape, from arrows to logo outlines.

  • Crisp graphics on permanent or removable vinyl with durable UL rated laminate holds up under heavy foot traffic.
  • Choose from stock pre-printed designs and custom printing from your artwork.
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Social Distancing floor graphics have become the standard for guiding clients and customers to safe distancing and directing traffic flow within an office or store.

Important messages, such as the location of hand sanitizing stations, have become useful as well. Floor graphics can help let people know exactly where to stand as they wait to make their purchases.

Stock and custom-printed floor graphics - Social Distancing Floor decal - Please Stand Here with elephant joke




Knowing where you are, where to go, and where to stand are vital pieces of information today. Floor Graphics are a great way to mark a safety zone, direct foot traffic, and ensure social distance spacing. Design your own or choose from our selection of pre-printed directional products.

Durable and removable, they make an ideal solution — and look much better than duct tape.

Stock and custom-printed floor graphics - Social Distancing Floor Graphics - colorful one-way arrows on wooden floor




Brighten up your empty floor — the most underutilized advertising space in most businesses. Present new products or promotions and create brand awareness by allowing your brand to enrich the space of trade shows, retail stores, promotional events, restaurants, and more.

Locate these graphics at store entry points and under special products locations.

Stock and custom-printed floor graphics - Way Finding

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