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Popups are your best choice for a quick and simple display package. With easy to use high end magnetic strips, your graphics can be put up quickly for a look that will be sure to catch the eyes of your audience. The traveling case doubles as a fully functional podium making this popup a sleek and efficient display system. Unlike most frames, this popup is not built with pop rivets. Our frames are built with screws, making this display a higher quality, sturdy and modifiable structure.

Some of many options available:

8ft Magnetic Pop-up:

  • Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Channel Bars
  • 2 Lights
  • 5 Graphic Panels
  • Carry Case (Doubles as Podium)

9 ft Straight Pop Up Display

  • Extruded Aluminum Frame (92″ X 91″)
  • 2 Velcro Receptive End Panels
  • 3 Graphic Front Panels
  • 18 Vertical Chanel Bars and 6 Horizontal Chanel Bars
  • 2 Halogen Lights
  • Carry Case (Doubles as Podium)

The Gullwing Center Graphic Package:

  • 2 Extruded Aluminum Frames
  • 2 Podium cases with wheels
  • 42 Channel Bars
  • 4 Halogen Lights (150 Watt)
  • 2 Fabric End Panels
  • 9 Graphic Center Panels
  • 2 Podium Fabric wraps
  • 2 Repair kits
  • 2 podium lid

The Serpentine Graphic Package:

  • 2 Extruded Aluminum Frames
  • 2 Podium cases with lid
  • 36 Channel Bars: 28 Silver & 8 Black including 6 extra bars (*Actual needs: 24 Silver & 4 Black)
  • 4 Halogen Lights (150 Watt)
  • 3 Graphic End Panels
  • 6 Graphic Center Panels
  • 2 Repair kits
  • 2 Podium wraps

Please see our full list and detailed description of exhibit products at www.exhibitbook.com

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