Beautify and Leverage Wasted Branding Space – Acrylic Barriers

We’ve all been living with Acrylic Barriers for almost a year now, and it seems they are likely to be around for a while.
Customers – and staff – would probably appreciate barriers that are not quite so bland and clinical-looking.

Time to take advantage of a branding opportunity!

Almost every barrier you encounter is just a blank piece of clear acrylic. But there is plenty of space on there for graphics which won’t interfere with the view but WILL lend a more professional feel to it and give uniformity in branding.

Examples of printed branding on Acrylic Barriers

New barriers can be printed before they leave our shop. Barriers already installed can be updated
with simple window clings – easy to install and reposition or replace.


Barriers already installed? No problem – Window Graphics to the rescue!

If you’re installing new acrylic barriers, then it’s simple to order them from us with whatever logo and/or graphic you would like on it. But what about the barriers you already have in place?

If you have perfectly good barriers already installed, there is still an affordable solution: Window Graphics!

We print them for you, right here in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, and then we can install them for you, or they are simple enough that you can install them yourself.

Another option, window clings, allow you to switch out graphics – perhaps for the change of seasons, or for a national holiday – even a business anniversary!

In offices, a plain barrier between desks may feel a little like being in a cage. A custom graphic applied can make your workspace feel more cozy and welcoming.

The Next Level: BrandArmor+ New Certified Anti-Covid19 FilmBrandArmor Antiviral film certification by Bio Science Laboratories

BrandArmor+ is a laminate that was developed and offered for sale last year with a new silver ion technology that is 99.9% effective against microbes and germs. They just received Anti-Covid19 certification – an independent laboratory concluded the film has a 96.2% kill rate against Covid-19 surface virus in 1 hour.
It can be laminated on top of printed Acrylic material (or just about any material) with clear visibility allowing your brand and designs to show through brilliantly.

Where acrylic barriers may be subject to many touches (cashier stands, receptionist areas, etc.) this is yet one more powerful tool in the battle against Covid.

Give us a shout today and we’ll set you up with the right solution to take your game up to pro level!